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Here : we construct the report. This question can be hidden, you can use html, expression manager. The report file use the question text.

Here is your report

Hi ,

You know 0 linux distribution on the list.

You don't rank any of this distribution

Some style usage

Text align : right

  1. A ordered list
  2. With 3 elements
  3. The 3rd element

Some link : Get support for this plugin
or fork it, use it, adapt it, distribute it; because you are free to do it.

Long line can have issue , best is to use
or to use only short line :

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec dui nunc, faucibus ac neque in, gravida sollicitudin nunc. Phasellus venenatis nunc et eros pretium sodales quis sit amet enim. Morbi in dapibus elit. Quisque sit amet ornare quam, sed aliquet lectus. Quisque finibus facilisis erat, sit amet sagittis lorem. Aliquam erat volutpat. Cras pretium ultrices risus, suscipit vestibulum odio vehicula semper.

A new page is here

image width is set in cm

gnu and penguin

Better to use internal files than external dur to downloading files

A broken image

broken image

After the image

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